Pneumatic Blower

Pneumatic ice systems are custom-designed with high quality components and precision workmanship insuring maximum conveying distance. All Semco pneumatic ice conveying systems are pre-assembled and fitted at our factory for easy assembly at the job. Rugged, dependable, efficient, and very powerful.
  • Blow ice up to 300 feet
  • Precision rotary airlock valve with stainless steel rotor and barrel
  • Heavy-duty, 50 horsepower air pump with air filter
  • Silencers for quiet operations
  • 20 – 30 tons per hour
Leasing Options Available
Each Semco Pneumatic Ice System is custom designed to meet the requirements of each customer’s needs. Blowing distances of up to 600 feet can be achieved. Multiple delivery points can also be achieved by using Semco’s manual or pneumatic stainless steel diverter valves. With the use of long sweep aluminum elbows, going up, over, or around obstacles can also be easily achieved. Available elbows include 90, 67-1/2, 45, and 22-1/2 degrees.
A Semco RV-158 Rotary Valve will be required to complete the system. The rotary valve is the metering device that controls the amount of ice entering into the air stream. Heat exchangers can also be provided when required to help minimize the melting of ice in the high temperature air stream that blowers produce. High quality components and precision workmanship insure maximum conveying distance. And because Semco makes all types of ice crushing, blowing and conveying equipment, you can be sure you get the most for your money. All Semco components are pre-assembled and fitted at the factory for ease of assembly at the job site.
Optional equipment can be requested and added to your quote. If your ideal optional equipment is not listed and want something made to fit your needs, please let us know and we will get to you on how we can accomplish your request. Send us an email at “” or give us a call at “(956) 683-1411”.

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