Here at SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC we offer the opportunity for our clients to seek an alternative method to help pay for any products ordered from us. Do note that this method is “only” available within the USA. Any further additional help will have to be discussed via email or phone with our company.

The lease to purchase program will help spread your total cost on an order between 1 to 5 years. In which at the end, you will own your purchase(ex. not like a car lease where you have to return it). You can also set your payments so that you only pay the lease during your cash flow seasons. This program is done through our LEAF leasing partners.

Catherine Davidson at LEAF takes care of all our applications for the Lease-to -purchase program. We have now used this program for 4-5 years successfully. LEAF leasing are a very honest and trusted financing company.  It is currently about 7% interest equivalent if you decide on the program. Catherine Davidson an account executive at LEAF, contact information can be found below. It takes a one page form(attached far far below) and only about three days to get approval. It is based solely on cash flow, not assets; anything over $50,000 they require 2 year tax forms just to prove cash flow. We never see nor do they share any of your information with us. We see none of your information. You can even include the freight cost , but what I will do is if you purchase it yet this year I will personally bring it out and run it with you. We get no commission for offering this program.


Contact information at LEAF:

Catherine Davidson
Account Executive
866-736-2487 Phone
215-640-6353 Fax
Moberly, MO 65270

Attached below you will find a “one” page application “Lease to Purchase form”. You can fill out the application on paper or through online in order to see if you can acquire financing . Once the application is processed and LEAF shows they are able to provide financing, we can proceed to accomplishing your purchase order.

If in the case you are not covered and financed through LEAF, you can talk to us at SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC for further options.