Do you own a good freezer? Most people have a nice icebox at their house and these days freezers get more fancy all the time. So what if you’re a company in need of refrigeration? There are many industries that use refrigeration services as part of their every day business operations. If you already use refrigeration services then you probably have heard of SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC, a leader in icing and refrigeration and it offers a full range of services for many different industries.


Refrigeration services have many uses for many different industries. Some of them are obvious, but others you may not have considered. These are some of the industries that use refrigeration services and how SEMCO can help each of them.

Entertainment – Equipment is available for the entertainment industry such as indoor snow and ice services. Whether for movies, TV sets, theme parks ,and big-time sporting events.

Meat & Poultry – The need of refrigeration services in the meat and poultry industry is obvious. Companies who supply these foods to stores and restaurants need to make sure that it stays fresh. One of the ways to do this is by using flake ice, which provides the maximum cooling surface area and melts quicker than other ice. SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC provides these industries with the proper equipment to meet food safety and sanitation standards.

Packaged Ice – Packaged ice businesses use refrigeration services in order to safely store and deliver big volumes of ice. The proper equipment is available to keep companies’ operations running smoothly.

Produce – SEMCO can help the produce industry with icing services to help keep fields cool during harvest. SEMCO offers ice storage systems, which can also be integrated with produce delivery systems.

Seafood – One of the most important factors in keeping seafood sanitary is keeping it cool enough. SEMCO can help the seafood industry from the catch to the kitchen. SEMCO provides icing services for fishing boats so that any seafood caught can immediately be put on ice to preserve freshness and keep it sanitary. After the seafood reaches the shore it needs to be properly frozen or cooled. When it arrives at the store or restaurant, it then remains under chill with the help of SEMCO’s packaging services.

SEMCO Is A Leader In Refrigeration Services

As you can see, no matter what industry you’re in, if you need refrigeration services, SEMCO has you covered. SEMCO offers quality icing and refrigeration services to all of the industries listed above, and the company has been a leader in providing refrigeration services to each of these industries for years. As with most industries, refrigeration services are always evolving and SEMCO is continuously exploring new and better ways to improve as new products and technologies become available in the refrigeration industry. So when you need a chill, SEMCO can help put the freeze on and get your refrigeration needs done right.