While at first glance it may seem like the amount of ice used to cool something doesn’t need to be precise and can just be approximated, that is not true at all! Using too little ice will result in inadequate cooling that could completely compromise the quality and integrity of the product. Meanwhile, using too much ice will needlessly raise costs, reduce efficiency, and could also potentially result in incorrect cooling. Thus industrial ice scales and weighing equipment are a fundamental part of cooling and freezing system. Let’s take a look at what they are and what factors go into selecting the best one for a given system.

What Are Ice Scales?

Ice scales are weighing equipment that measures the weight of ice. Semco has a full line of high quality, dependable ice scales and weighing equipment. We have two main series: the Batch Scale (BS) series and the Concrete Batch Scale (CBS) series. Each series has two different sizes:

  • BS-150: The BS-150 weighs up to 150 pounds of ice in its hopper. The delivery rate is approximately 25 tons per hour.
  • BS-300: This scale weighs up to 300 pounds of ice in its hopper. The delivery rate is approximately 45 tons per hour.
  • CBS-800: This scale weighs up to 800 pounds. It operates with a right hand and left hand discharge.
  • CBS-2000: This scale weighs up 2000 pounds. It also operates with a right hand and left hand discharge.

These different scales are used to reliably measure out desired amounts of ice as needed for a particular cooling project.

Why Are Ice Scales Important?

As stated above ice scales and weighing equipment play a crucial role in any cooling and freezing system in which they are found. They are important because they ensure that food products such as produce, fish, and meat, etc. stay at the safe, correct temperature while they are being stored and transported. Meanwhile many other applications such as concrete cooling and other project requiring ice also require relatively precise amounts for best results.

The ice scales work by allowing users to select a predetermined weight. Once the scale reaches that weight it starts a chain reaction. A series of timers start shutting down all related equipment within the system. This allows the system to go into a clean out mode to make sure that there is no ice left in the delivery system.

All of that boils down to one thing. The machines measure out the appropriate amount of ice, and then that ice gets delivered where it is needed. In that way ice scales and weighing equipment form one of the most crucial parts of the entire system.

How to Get the Right Equipment for Your Needs

Now that you know what they are, why they’re important, and how they work, you may be wondering how you can get the machine that is right for your business. Semco helps clients select industrial ice scale and weighing equipment that best fit their own particular needs. Our systems are fully customizable and can tailored to best reflect the demands of a client’s particular business. Please contact us for more information.