Because the production of concrete can cause temperatures in excess of 200°F it is very important to have a cooling system in place. Concrete cooling systems ensure that the concrete is strong, uniform and less likely to crack. Part of a concrete cooling system is the flake ice delivery and weighing system. In order to fully understand the cooling system, it is necessary to look at why the delivery and weighing systems are important, how they work, and the different accessories available.

Why the Flake Ice Delivery and Weighing System Are Important

You know that the concrete cooling system is important to help your company make high quality concrete. The way you deliver that ice is also very crucial. If the method used to transport the ice from the ice plant to the concrete itself is inefficient then there is a risk that the ice may melt or stick to the transportation unit. A quality flake ice delivery and weighing system ensures that the ice gets where it is needed at the right temperature and in the correct quantity.

How the Flake Ice Delivery and Weighing System Works

Once ice is produced and stored, it must be delivered to where it is needed. That is where the flake ice delivery and weighing system comes in to play. If the ice cannot be successfully delivered without melting, clumping, or sticking then the efficacy of the entire concrete cooling system suffers. When you use a flake ice delivery and weighing system together you have a higher chance of successfully delivering ice.

First is the delivery component. This is commonly called a screw conveyor. You can choose to use a trough or tube screw conveyor. Both choices have slide gates along the length of the delivery system. These gates can be automatic or manual. They help the ice move along the tube without melting, sticking, or clumping, ensuring that it still has maximum cooling potential when it reaches the concrete.

The next part of the delivery system is the weighing. The weighing hopper discharges ice in a predetermined, adjustable and controlled way. Without the weighing aspect the ice would continue to be transported until manually stopped it, leaving the chance of having either too much or too little ice. With the weighing system the screw conveyor delivers ice to the hopper. Once the chosen weight is reached the system goes through a shutdown sequence. This sequence helps clean out the conveyor, so ice does not remain behind to melt.

Accessories Associated with Flake Ice Delivery and Weighing

There are a few accessories you can think about getting with your delivery system. They include:

  • Cyclone Receiver
  • Diverter Valve
  • Heavy Duty Slide Gate

At Semco you are able to customize your concrete cooling system which means you can get the parts you need, and you don’t have to get the parts you don’t need.

Semco Delivers Quality Flake Ice Delivery and Weighing Systems

Semco will help you figure out the best flake ice delivery and weighing systems for your particular concrete cooling system. Our goal is to ensure that all of our clients have the absolute best system for their particular businesses. A major part of that is ensuring that the flake ice delivery and weighing systems are optimal. Please contact us for more information about our concrete cooling systems.