Packaged Ice Regulations And Solutions

Packaged ice today is considered a food item by the FDA, not simply a refrigerant. This delineation carries with it heightened regulations and watch on the packaged ice industry to deliver and maintain high standards for processing and handling; in an effort to ensure a safe product is delivered to the end consumer. This includes everything from processing procedures to appropriate labeling and packaging. A packaged ice company will be evaluated by the FDA on their plumbing’s ability to prevent contamination within the water supply; the safety of the water supply overall and the sanitary conditions of the manufacturing facility and grounds overall.

The Packaged Ice Demand

It is estimated that the average American purchases between four and eight bags of packaged ice per year and eighty percent of that is bought between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This seasonality represents its own challenge to the packaged ice industry in terms of both increased production at certain times and also increased storage capacity for already developed product. The ability to keep up with consumer demand and also to store product during lower demand times can be a huge benefit and way that a company can remain viable in a competitive marketplace.

Packaged Ice Solutions To Meet Standards

Today’s packaged ice companies are like many others in that they are tasked with both meeting government regulations as well as with operating an efficient and profitable business at the same time. The right ice storage and delivery systems can make all the difference in a company’s ability to meet both of these goals. It is imperative that packaged ice manufacturers have the proper machinery and technology to power and execute the development, packaging and storage of their product. Without this, it is not possible to both maintain all regulatory standards and reach maximum business operating efficiency. Today’s business marketplace is too competitive, to not strive for both of these—businesses that fall down on one or the other are likely to not be in business long.

Fortunately there are great options from many vendors, such as SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC, that offers the latest in ice packaging products including both storage and delivery systems. There are different materials and features that are designed to meet the requirements of different sizes of operations and facilities. Maintaining profitability is possible with machines that accurately produce the right product and bag the proper amount in the most efficient manner possible. Storage and other supply chain components are also available.

Safety And Profitability

It cannot be stressed enough that the packaged ice industry must deliver a product safe for end consumption. That is responsibility number one. Fortunately many of the same products and processes that ensure safe food handling is in place also deliver extreme efficiencies that lead to end profitability. The cost of such machinery may seem high at first but when a full and proper return on investment (ROI) analysis is done, it becomes clear very quickly that any such investment on the part of a packaged ice manufacturer more than pays for itself in the long run. Without the ability to meet federal standards or to deliver the right revenues and profits, there is no business left. Hence, investing in the proper machinery is a must.