Producers are well aware of the current expenses involved in creating a quality, believable movie, as well as the often limited funds for making these movies. While in the past, producers had to choose between real weather conditions for authenticity and artificial conditions that didn’t match the real thing, special effects have evolved in their ability to recreate reality in a believable way. Ice crushers and ice blowers are one important way that the entertainment industry is able to save money without sacrificing quality.

Production Schedules

Movies and TV shows are filmed at very specific times in order to meet the needs of networks and promoters. TV shows often film their winter scenes by mid-fall at the latest, and a wide variety of them film on set in Burbank instead of at the location the series portrays. Movies, likewise, often have a particular filming schedule that can’t be altered. This is due to a myriad of factors such as individual actor’s promotional commitments and side projects, and, for big budget films, when the film is most likely to have the largest viewership when it hits theaters. Non-serious action movies are generally released in the summer months, while any movie that might make the Oscar nomination list is released in fall through the end of the year. It goes without saying that these schedules may not always line up with weather conditions. Ice blowers and ice crushers bring real weather conditions to sets at the exact moment the producers and directors want them.

Special Effects

Ice blowers and ice crushers also allow a production team to create special effects that are completely within their control. Because these machines use actual water to create these effects, they can position things in exactly the right places in order to get the results they want. Ice crushers make real snow conditions, and ice blowers can both blow these conditions and create strong winds as desired. The machines are never visible on camera due to their expert positioning. When actors deliver lines, they often have to take several takes in order to get the scene just right. If the actors are supposed to give the impression that their characters are walking through freshly laid snow, or snow that has not been previously tread upon, ice crushers and blowers can give this effect by putting down a fresh layer of snow with each take. Similarly, since the snow is real, as well as any wind conditions from the blower, the characters will react in a natural manner that helps solidify the effects’ believability.

Still Shots

Ice blowers and crushers are also valuable commodities for still frames in modeling shots. Models often pose in sets related to the weather conditions for the clothes they wear, such as Fair Isle sweaters or ski attire in winter. While it is sometimes possible to take these frames in actual snow conditions or in fake snow without any water properties, for high-end shots the crew will want to make the still frames as realistic and manageable as possible. Ice crushers and blowers allow the set to be entirely safe, which is especially important for anyone modeling clothing in a high-pressure environment or in clothing that may not represent the weather. Photographers are able to position the snow conditions in the perfect location for the best lighting, incline and backdrop.

The entertainment industry is always looking for ways to cut expenses that won’t cut the quality of their projects. Ice crushers and ice blowers help save the entertainment industry money by creating real weather conditions at the exact place and time that they want them. This equipment prevents cast and crew from having to arrange their schedules around hopeful weather effects, which cuts down on production time and unnecessary expenditures. Semco manufactures high quality, dependable ice crushers and ice blowers that are ideal for use in the entertainment industry. Contact us for more information.