The SP-500 SNO-PAC JR. slush ice system contains a 500 gallon slush ice mixing tank which comes complete with a drain tank, one overhead injector slushing nozzle, agitator system, 6-inch diameter pump-10 HP, electric powered roller conveyor-2 HP, electric power unit with plumbing ,and control valves for system which is capable of processing ~750-1000 boxes an hour.

SEMCO’s “SNO-PAC” Standard Features:

  • Comes with a control panel
  • High capacity continuous flow system
  • Galvanized system or SS304(Stainless Steel) option
  • Efficient electric powered motor
  • Electric powered PVC roller conveyor or chain
  • Single tank mixing and overflow recapture system
  • Sloped drain area
  • Electric motor powered agitation system
  • Heavy-duty “salt-free” slush ice pump
  • Works equally well using block, cube, fragmented or flake ice

Excellent for Broccoli, Sweet corn, Leafy Greens, Melons, Green onions and many more!


Lease to Purchase Option Available

Optional Equipment Available

No 3D product image render is available, fabrication images available upon request

Open boxes are fed continually beneath the overhead ice injection nozzle and covered with liquid ice as they go down the conveyor. Unlike top icing which can trap heat in vegetables, SEMCO’s “SNO-PAC” Slush Ice System provides total heat removal. Slush ice instantly penetrates the produce from top to bottom for thorough cooling, leaving a blanket of ice slush behind.
An agitation system is used to maintain the ice particles suspended in the water which prevents freeze-ups. A high volume pump moves the slush mixture without the worry of plugging.
Optional equipment can be requested and added to your quote. If your ideal optional equipment is not listed and want something made to fit your needs, please let us know and we will get to you on how we can accomplish your request. Send us an email at “Info@SemcoIce.com” or give us a call at “(956) 683-1411”.

We do have the “Lease to Purchase” program if you need to spread the total cost out for up to 1,2,3 or 5 years and then you really own it(not like a car lease where you have to return it) thru Leaf Leasing. You can also structure so you only pay the lease during your cash flow seasons.

For more information please use this “link” or find the additional details under “Contact Us” in the main page menu.

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