Semco Ice Manufacturing

Welcome to the new website of Semco Manufacturing. Semco provides high quality, expert cooling and freezing systems. In this news and resources section we will discuss a range of cooling and freezing solutions, tips, considerations, and general information for a range of industries and products. In this first post we want to familiarize you with what our website and company has to offer.

Customized Systems

Semco has a full range of ice and cooling systems that are designed to assist with everything from precooling and storage, to freezing and ice products, to scales and blowers. These systems can be customized to fit each particular customer’s needs.

Cooling & Hydro Coolers – Our Arctic Rain product line delivers state-of-the-art hydrocooling, ideal for precooling vegetables and produce.

Ice Banks – Our self-contained, moving floor ice banks are ideal for portable or permanent installation and feature a wide range of ice producing and storage capabilities.

Ice Storage Bins – Semco’s ice storage bins feature a sloped bottom for easy dispensing with mechanical ice breaking and agitation systems to ensure great ice flow.

Ice Rake Bins – Semco’s ice rake bins are galvanized, heavy duty, and designed to virtually eliminate rake hangups.

Ice Crushers & Ice Blowers – Our ice crushers and blowers are versatile, accepting and crushing tube ice, block ice, and fragmented ice and delivering the blowing power and distance our customers need.

Scales and Pneumatic Blowers – Semco offers reliable, highly accurate ice making scales in an array of different capacities, perfect for a range of industries. Our pneumatic ice blowers are capable of reaching an impressive 600 feet of blowing distance.

Slush Ice Cooling Systems – Our Sno Pac line of slush ice cooling systems is perfect for an assortment of different fruits, vegetables, and produce. The systems instantly cools the product with liquid ice slush, leaving behind a blanket of protective snow and ensuring perfectly chilled food.

Products Offered

Semco Ice offers turnkey, modular fabricated products that can be customized to fit each customer’s cooling, refrigeration and ice storage needs. Our user friendly website allows visitors to browse and select products, add them to a bid package, and build their own ice system from the ground up. The combinations and possibilities can be selected for tailored price quotes and product information.

Industries Served

Semco serves several major industries and sectors including: produce, seafood, meat & poultry and even entertainment. The industries we serve may be varied, but rest assured that Semco takes the time to understand the concerns, advantages, and challenges inherent in each of these industries.

Mobile Friendly

Semco’s new website is mobile friendly. Whether you are looking up information on your smartphone, checking out the website from a tablet, or scrolling through on a desktop or laptop we want you to have a great user experience and find all the information and resources you need.