Semco is committed to providing top quality industrial cooling and freezing systems. These systems are perfect for a wide range of different industrial and commercial applications. However, by far one of the common uses for our cooling equipment is the preservation of fresh seafood caught offshore by commercial fishermen. That is why Semco is so excited to announce that one of our customers, Buddy Guindon and his family, will be starring in a new reality TV show called “Big Fish Texas” that will begin airing on the National Geographic Channel on February 3rd.

About “Big Fish Texas”

The first season of “Big Fish Texas” will consist of eight episodes and will track the Guindon family as they gear up, bait hooks, and go out to sea in the Gulf of Mexico in search of red snapper, grouper, golden tilefish, and others for their fresh fish seafood market. The family runs Katie’s Seafood Market on Galveston Island, a business named after Buddy Guindon’s wife, Katie.

In addition to Buddy and Katie Guindon, the series will also feature their four sons who are also involved in the family business and range in age from 15 to 33 years-old. Buddy’s brother and his wife will also be featured as will Buddy’s father, Greg. Filming of the first season of eight episodes has already wrapped up and there could be future seasons if the show is well-received by audiences.

The Guindons’ Commitment to Sustainability

A big focus of the show will be the Guindons’ commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible commercial fishing, a cause so important to Buddy Guindon that he has testified before congress about the importance of seafood conservation. Guindon is also a founding member of the Shareholders Alliance, whose mission is seafood conservation. This is an extremely important and timely issue as more and more overfishing is being done worldwide, threatening the ecosystem and the future of fresh seafood.

Semco is happy for the Guindons’ success and we are very excited to see the show, which will be premiering on the National Geographic Channel on February 3rd. We are honored to supply the Guindons with quality industrial cooling equipment they can use for their business. Please tune in with us and watch their adventure unfold.