Various ice equipment used for bagging, storing, transporting and freezing ice to make ice blocks. The equipment can be customized according to the specifications needed.

SE 150 Ice Batching Scale

The SE 150 comes with a 50 HP pneumatic conveying systm to move ice to various location around packing shed or for top icing trucks.

Mini Ice Rake

This ice rake is for reefers or containers.

Mobile Ice Delivery

Mobile ice transport system comes complete with a rake, scale and pneumatic conveying system.

Ice Bagging Systems

Various ice bagging methods are available and customized to your specifications.

Block Ice Plant

The number of block ice created at a time depends on the quantity specified by you. Which in turn makes the ice plant have small or big dimensions.

EB 30 Snow Ice Blower

This ice blower comes with a ice batching scale which is fed by an auger system that transports the ice from example an ice bin or other storage/ice system.

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