Refrigeration Service Options Available To The Seafood Industry

Those that work within the seafood industry face unique challenges in preserving and refrigerating products that are caught and packaged on one side of the country, and then must be moved quickly to other parts of the country, and still remain fresh and tasty for those who are ordering them. With these unique situations, choosing the right refrigeration services for any business within the seafood industry is absolutely imperative. When choosing a refrigeration service to use, you must first consider the logistical challenges of keeping seafood cold and edible for consumers in all parts of the world. Fish in Alaska that is served in Boston must be kept on ice and taken care of in a way that ensures that the seafood provides the best meal there is to offer.

Common Refrigeration Problems In The Seafood Industry

One of the main problems that many that work in seafood deal with is the need to keep products cold quickly to avoid rotting and ruin of valuable items. Once the seafood is taken from its home, it must quickly be put on ice in order to keep it edible for consumers.

Most fishing boats are small, and offer very limited space for ice storage while the fish is on the boat. This presents a unique challenge for any boats or fishermen that are not headed right back to shore. This is where a refrigeration service can be extremely beneficial in keeping seafood preserved until consumption.

Another common problem that is dealt with on fishing boats and when transporting seafood, is the fact that the ice that is used to store the seafood must be kept clean and preserved in a way that doesn’t contaminate the fish or other seafood. When humans handle the ice, bacteria and other organisms can then get into the chest, and may create a situation with your seafood that has consumers sick after eating your product.

How SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC Can Meet These Challenges

Ice comes ready-made before you even leave the shore in various forms, and can be ordered in the most applicable or most convenient way for your boat, and for your particular type of seafood.

Ice-maker units that are extremely efficient in the amount of water and power consumption that is needed to keep producing ice. A more efficient machine can lower costs for your company, and ensure that you are able to pocket more of your profits at the end of the day.

A built-in water filtration system to ensure that the ice you are using to preserve your catch is kept clean and free from any harmful organisms. Your credibility is on the line with the products you produce, and clean water creates cleaner ice that helps to keep the refrigeration device for your seafood sterile.

Choose Your Service

SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC is proud to offer a wide range of refrigeration options for any type of seafood business. With a more efficient machine, cleaner water, and a variety of ice forms; we are better prepared to help you keep your business profitable. We realize that our service directly affects your business, and are determine to help you grow.