Produce Refrigeration Services That Deliver Profitability

For the produce industry, proper refrigeration is one of the most important factors in a company’s ability to ultimately be profitable and remain in business. The fragile and perishable nature of produce items, some even more than others makes wasted product a serious concern. Growers have their own similar concerns about wasted crop but once they have done their part and grown the best product, the focus shifts immediately to preserving that product until it gets into the hands of the end consumer. Companies at all stages of the product life cycle must take great care to ensure proper handling technology and processes are in place. Having to throw out large quantity of product due to spoilage is akin to throwing money in the garbage.

Harvest Time

From the moment that food is harvested, it must be cared for. Removing field heat from certain vegetables is critical to start the preserving process. This can be done in multiple ways, including icing bins and cases prior to putting product in them, utilizing containers with an area designed to hold ice on the top and more. Some products may even be bathed in ice or cold water virtually immediately after being harvested. Every produce item is unique and some require more care than others to be able to last as long as needed. Companies like SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC provide varying options of products that allow commercial produce companies the ability to do just that.

Post Production

Every produce item after harvest and preparation for shipping requires its own unique method of being preserved so that the end consumer sees a top quality product on the shelves of their local grocery store. Some products have unique handling processes such as orange juice where flakes can be frozen for storage and then processed later in the year when needed. The technology that allows for extended storage and delivery methods is robust and allows companies to pre-produce larger amounts of crops and ensure a supply for further into the future.

The Importance Of Ice

Whether it be used to actually freeze product or simply keep it very, very cold, ice is king in many ways to the produce preservation process. There are multiple types of ice creation and delivery available and each can be unique to the intended food that needs to be kept cold. Smart produce companies make the commitment to invest in the right technology and machinery that will allow them to most effectively maintain consistency in their supply chain as well as deliver safe and high quality product. Additionally, maintaining federal or other regulations is of paramount importance as well. There are specific products for creating ice, storing ice, delivering ice and dispensing ice. Depending upon the specific company and their business some or all of these components may be needed at any given time. Most companies that manufacture ice and refrigeration solutions offer modular options to create an almost custom setup depending upon the individual business.

With more and more produce being stored for longer before ultimate shipping to the end retail location, the importance of maintaining proper temperatures at all points is increasing. Smart produce companies invest in the right technology that does just this and, in the end, that saves them money by preventing unnecessary product waste.