Refrigeration Services For The Entertainment Industry

The “entertainment industry” is a generic term to describe all aspects of the entertainment world from the business side to the creative side. When you think of entertainment you probably think of movies, television, and music, Broadway and even the sporting world. Refrigeration and icing services is probably not the second or third thing that comes to mind. In fact, it may not even be in the top 50-100 things that come to mind. However, if you work in the entertainment industry you should know that there are many important applications of refrigeration and icing services in your industry. Whether you need to create snow for an event or a set, or you need to keep certain props or other items on chill, SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC can help you.

Why The Entertainment Industry Needs Refrigeration

Perhaps you are hosting a winter sporting event, or you need a snow day for your movie set, but it’s the middle of July. What do you do? With the proper snow and ice making equipment you can create a winter wonderland that will last as long as you need it. So how can SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC help you? Using our industrial flake ice-makers, snow can be used to create a realistic winter environment for whatever entertainment purpose you have. You can even create snow in temperatures that are above freezing. Another use of refrigeration services in the entertainment industry is to keep sets cool. Controlled temperatures are often a necessity on TV and movie sets and with the right equipment that is easy to achieve. The entertainment industry often involves food, and storing that food properly is very important. Of course, SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC can keep food cool and sanitary until it’s ready to be used.

Useful Products For The Entertainment Industry

Some of the products that are useful for application in the entertainment industry include snow and ice makers, concrete cooling systems when new sets are built and even basic refrigeration for food storage. The movie and television industries both store thousands of props and equipment and cold storage warehouses protect these items from the damages caused by extreme heat. Another entertainment venue that can use refrigeration services is any production that takes place on ice, such as ice skating events, or kid-oriented shows that are performed on ice. SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC can help keep the ice rink cool and frozen, as well as the warehouse or arena the rink is stored in.

How We Can Help You

If you’re in the entertainment industry, then you probably already know that refrigeration services have many important applications in your industry. We provide refrigeration services to the entertainment industry and it’s many different sectors. SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC is continually looking for more opportunities to better assist the entertainment industry in its refrigeration service needs; while providing many different types of icing and refrigeration services for many different aspects of the entertainment industry. So, if you need cooling for a set, for prop and equipment storage, or even for food, SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC can help provide the type of machinery that fits your needs.