If you are in the entertainment or snow-making industries, you need an ice crusher and blower system. This equipment is heavy duty, and can be used over long periods of time. At Semco you are able to design the exact ice crusher and blower system that you need. If you need high capacity, fast output, or a certain fuel type, Semco can help you get exactly what you’re looking for. In order to know what you need, you first have to know what is out there and how it can serve your business.

What Ice Crushers and Blowers Are

Ice crushers and blowers are actually two separate machines. Your business may call for one, the other or a combination.

  • Ice Blower – Ice blowers are commonly used to make it look like it is snowing, such as for a video or photoshoot. A motorized fan propels crushed ice into the air. The blower’s design, fan, and motor can be adjusted to change the distance the ice is propelled and the output. Semco wants to make sure that you get exactly the system that you need.
  • Ice Crusher – The ice crusher does exactly what the name suggests. It crushes ice. This machine tends to be large, but it is still quite simple. Ice is fed into the machine and pushed along towards the crushing mechanisms. The crusher has blades which a motor turns. These blades crush the ice and feed it back out of the machine. This gives you snow-like ice particles.
  • Crusher-Blower Combination – It’s fairly easy to see that these two machines would work great together. Ice blowers need a supply of crushed ice, and ice crushers can provide that supply. This will allow you to have a longer-lasting snowing effect. Having the blower also means you do not have to shovel the crushed ice up.

If you need an ice blower or an ice crusher, chances are you want a combination. It will give you a better use of your crushed ice, and it makes for some great effects.

Customizing Ice Crushers and Blowers

Because every business is not the same, it is important for ice crushers and blowers, like other machinery, to be versatile. Some of the many options that exist for ice crushers and blowers include the following:

  • Size and capacity – You can get a machine that can hold up to 300 pound blocks of ice or even 400 pounds.
  • Output speed – You can get a machine with an output as low as about 25 tons per hour all the way to speeds of 2000 pounds per minute.
  • Cost – With the different options you can choose to get or not get, there is a wide range of cost as well. This means that you can find something in your price range, no matter what that is.
  • Maintenance – You can choose what fuel type it is and what type of mounting is required.
  • Blowing Distance – As discussed earlier, these machines can be set to blow shorter or longer distances. Some machines can even propel ice to distances of 300 feet.
  • Ice Type – You can also get machines that crush different types of ice—cubes, blocks, fragments or tubes.

Contact Semco for Assistance

Contact Semco to get the machine that’s right for you. We can help you build the perfect system for your business. Don’t settle for getting a cookie cutter machine; build your own customized ice crusher and/or blower today.