An industrial ice rake is used within an ice storage and delivery system. The purpose of ice rakes is to move some of the ice flakes into the conveyor area and to level out the ice in the storage bin. While the role of ice rakes may seem simple enough, the fact is that not all systems are created equally. Low quality ice rakes can break from the weight of the ice and some ice rakes even get buried in the ice because they aren’t delivering the ice fast enough.

Fortunately these problems can be avoided with high quality ice rakes and ice systems. There are a lot of different ways that you can customize your ice storage and delivery system to get exactly what you need. Here are a few different beneficial options that exist for ice rakes:

Guiding Systems for Ice Rakes

One great option for systems that include ice rakes is a guiding system. Made from heavy girder side frames with flanges, this guiding system forms an endless track for the ice rakes. This type of track is more beneficial than the typical chain and sprocket guiding system because it reduces hang ups. This helps ensure that the ice makes it to where it is needed in a timely fashion.

Galvanized Steel for Ice Rakes

Another great option is using galvanized steel for ice rakes. With this feature, every part of the ice rake is hot-dipped, galvanized steel. Why is it beneficial to use a rake that has undergone this process? Hot-dip galvanizing is a corrosion protection method. This means that ice rakes featuring galvanized steel will be stronger and more resistant to rust.

Microprocessors for Ice Rakes

Most industrial ice rakes that you’ll find today are automatic. This means that you can use an on-board computer to program them to run when you want them to and so on. The microprocessor controlled rake drive is beneficial because it gives you precise control over what the rake is going to do. You can trust that the rake will be able to level and direct the ice because the microprocessor will ensure that it does its job.

Pneumatic Doors for Ice Rakes

The doors may not be a part of the ice rakes themselves, but they are imperative to a rake doing its job well. At Semco we know how important it is for your ice delivery system to deliver the ice as you need it. That’s why you can get four pneumatic operated doors. In other words your doors will be opened using pressurized air or gas. These doors form a tiered ice retaining wall to ensure that there isn’t an ice avalanche as the rakes start working. The high quality seal of the pneumatic door also avoids energy loss, preserving the efficiency of the system.

Ice rakes are simply one component of a high quality ice system. Semco designs and manufactures fully customizable industrial cooling and freezing systems. We always strive to offer our customers the features and options they need to make the ice system perfect for their tasks.