Dewberries, blackberry-like berries that grow primarily in the southeastern United States, are a lovely sweet and juicy treat during the summer. They are delicious, but they do require some care, particularly when harvested in large numbers and especially if they are being harvested for commercial purposes. They’ll last for anywhere from two to fourteen days with the proper cooling, and can be sold in large or small quantities during that time. Cooling them protects them from all manner of poor ends such as rotting, decaying, becoming bacteria infested as well as losing flavor and color.

General Information about Cooling and Storing Dewberries

Respiration rates of the berries increase as temperature increases. This in turn leads to more rapid spoilage and loss of quality. Thus, keeping them properly cooled is imperative for maintaining quality and shelf life. Mold can begin to infest them if left at room temperature for even one day. Dewberries really need to be cooled to the proper temperature as quickly as possible and left at that temperature until they are ready for consumption. Mist should be avoided as it encourages parasitic introduction, color loss, and more mold. For the very best results, you’re advised to cool the berries within four hours of harvest to 5 degrees Celsius.

Cooling and Storage Options for Dewberries

There are a few different cooling and storage options available for dewberries and other berries. Consider the following three popular methods of cooling dewberries:

Room Cooling – Room cooling is precisely what it sounds like – the room in which the berries are stored is cooled down to the appropriate temperature, and the produce is allowed to adjust to the ambient temperature without assistance. This is primarily used for that produce which does not require a quick cool-down after picking. It is not ideal for Dewberries

Forced-Air Cooling – Generally, forced air is the optimum method for accomplishing this because of the speed at which the produce reaches the cooler temperature. It is similar to room cooling, except that the dewberries have air pulled through them, forcing circulation and lowering the temperature more quickly.

Hydrocooling – Hydrocooling is actually a “precooling” method, whereby the produce is submerged in very cold water to cool it down. It does not quite manage to cool the berries to the optimum 5 degrees Celsius, so is not suitable for long-term cooling and storage, but it is an extremely effective method or quickly removing field heat.

Semco Is Committed to Outstanding Cooling and Storage Options for Dewberries

Semco is committed to providing outstanding cooling and storage options for dewberries, other types of berries, and produce in general. We understand that our clients work hard to grow and deliver high quality, delicious produce and our cooling and storage systems will help maintain that high quality and freshness. All of our systems can be fully customized to meet client needs in areas such as capacity, temperature, humidity, and general budget and time line concerns. Contact us to discuss the best cooling and storage system for your dewberries or other produce.