Industrial Cooler

Every smart, profitable business tries to be as savvy as possible about minimizing expenses and getting the most value and use from equipment such as industrial coolers. Maintenance and repairs are typically much cheaper than full replacements and in many cases are able to restore full function. However, there comes a time when even the best maintained industrial cooler will need to be replaced and waiting too long to do that may actually cost your business more money in the long run than just taking the plunge and getting a new unit. What follows are some key tips that could indicate it’s time to upgrade your old industrial cooler.

Your Maintenance and Repair Costs Are Escalating

One of the best and most obvious indicators that it’s time to replace your old industrial cooler is if its maintenance and repair needs have been escalating. While any single repair may not equal the cost of a new model if you are having to shell out for several repairs a year you may be better off upgrading to a more reliable, less-expensive-to-maintain model.

You Fear a Major Breakdown Is Imminent

Unfortunately the cost of repairs associated with a broken industrial cooler are usually not the only financial risks to consider. Chances are you need your industrial cooler as a core part of your business and it likely contains large quantities of highly perishable food or products. An industrial cooler that suddenly suffers a major breakdown is not only expensive to fix by itself, it will probably cost you in terms of spoilage and perhaps also lost productivity as your business – and revenue – grind to a halt without it. Thus if you have reason to believe that a major breakdown is imminent you’re probably much better off replacing the cooler in a controlled, planned environment rather than risking a costly surprise.

Your Energy Costs Are Rising

Over time the cooling efficiency of the old cooler may decrease, thus raising your energy costs as it takes more power to accomplish the same level of cooling. Likewise, newer models are often more energy efficient in their own right than older models. Better energy efficiency is of course also better for the environment, which may be personal value of your business or could be something that will appeal to customers.

Your Needs Have Changed

Another major, important reason to consider upgrading to a new industrial cooler is if your needs for the cooler have changed. For example perhaps the size or focus of your business has changed and your need more cooler space. Instead of buying a second cooler – and having to run and maintain both units – you may be better off replacing your old cooler with a larger one. Alternatively perhaps you need less cooler capacity and are needlessly powering a large unit with lots of unused space. You may also find that the features you’re looking for are now different or that a feature you always wanted is now available or more affordable. Put simply if the needs or priorities of your business have changed it may be time to purchase an industrial cooler that better reflects the new situation.

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