Arctic Rain Precooling & Cold Storage

Hydro Coolers are used for precooling fresh fruits and vegetables. These Hydro Coolers can be custom designed and manufactured in various sizes, the cooler works by lowering the temperature of food products.

Arctic Rain Hydro Coolers are designed to be the most efficient and economical hydro cooling system available. The tunnel and chilling tank are completely insulated to limit thermal loss while increasing cooling efficiency within the chamber. Double end-wall curtains minimize hot air transfer. Modular designs range from 10 to 60 foot lengths, fabrication costs determine the final design size. Freon or ammonia refrigeration  types are available and a wide range selection of conveying systems with variable speed drivers help customize your unit to your particular product cooling needs.

SEMCO/SEMCOLD LLC’s Built-in Advantage

  • Double end-wall curtains keep the “Chill in” and the “Heat Out”.
  • Custom designed refrigeration units and conveyor systems to fit your needs.
  • Precool fresh fruits and vegetables. All sizes available.
  • New construction or existing warehouse designs.
  • High Efficiency Ammonia batch cooler with extended 3-belt conveyor system and insulated cooling chamber.
  • Hydro Coolers with “intralox” plastic conveyor system for open boxes or bulk fruit.
  • Portable Chiller with fir slat conveyor system for bulk product or field bins.
  • 40 ft tunnel with 4 individual cooling circuits for pallets or stacked field bins.
  • Leasing Options Available.