Cooling is an important part of large-pour concrete projects. The process of mixing cement aggregates with water actually causes a chemical reaction to occur. This is a primarily exothermic reaction, which means that the reaction gives off heat. For small-pour projects this isn’t much of an issue because the reaction is smaller — however, even with small-pour projects, the quality of the concrete can often be improved with concrete cooling — but for large-pour projects in which temperature can easily exceed 200°F efficient concrete cooling is a must. When concrete is poured at such a high temperature the end product is going to be of a low quality.

Many construction companies are looking for an efficient concrete cooling system because they want to be able to provide their clients with top notch services and products. At Semco we want to help you provide your clients with the quality concrete they deserve. Customization is a great way to increase concrete cooling efficiency.

Aspects of Concrete Cooling Systems

Semco offers fully customizable concrete cooling systems. There are many different methods of concrete cooling which may include some or all of the following components:

  • Aggregate Cooling – There are two main types of aggregate cooling, either by water or by air. Aggregate cooling helps keeps the temperatures extremely low. Because you’re looking for efficiency, you should turn to the aggregate cooling with air because it allows you to continuously cool the aggregate with less space whereas the water has to be cooled and takes up a large amount of space.
  • Cold Water Tank and Water Chilling Plant – It helps to use cold water in your mixing process. The cold water tank can keep the water from your water chilling plant cold. The experts at Semco will tell you that you need to have an insulated cold water tank to increase the efficiency of your concrete cooling system even more.
  • Ice Delivery and Weighing – Having the right system here can really increase the overall efficiency. This system delivers a predetermined amount of ice to the mixing drum. It makes the system more efficient because it can deliver ice in a consistent and reliable way.
  • Ice Plant – If your ice plant can make flake ice, you will have a more efficient cooling. Flake ice has the largest surface area, which allows it to cool the best, but it also melts quickly to keep the cooling uniform.
  • Ice Storage Bin – Having an insulated storage bin for your ice will allow you to make large quantities of ice at a time.

At Semco we can help you build the most efficient concrete cooling system for your needs.

Concrete Cooling System Customization from Semco

Every business has its own requirement, but every business also wants to be able to be the most efficient. With the customization offered at Semco, you will be able to create the concrete cooling system that will be the best for you. Not only will the system do what you need it to, but it will also allow you to provide your clients with what they need. Contact us today to learn more about how you can make your concrete cooling system more efficient.