Do you need a concrete cooling system from Semco? If you are familiar with concrete, you know that as the cement mixture hardens it actually gives off heat because it is an exothermic chemical reaction. The extra heat can cause the hardened concrete to be a less than desirable product. When concrete gets too hot during the curing process it results in lower tensile strength and a higher likelihood of cracking due to expansion.

How do you know what sort of cooling your company needs? In some cases it is enough to add cold water and ice to the cement, but when do you need an actual cooling system? There are many different situations that may call for a cooling system. You can talk to a Semco representative to find out if your company would benefit from an innovative aggregate cooling system. Otherwise, here are three common company profiles that may benefit from the use of a concrete cooling system.

1. Company with Large-Pour Projects

Is your business working on a project that requires a lot of concrete? This project would be called a large-pour project. The more cement that you pour the more heat that will be given off. In the case of a large-pour project, it may not be enough to just add cold water and ice.

If your company is planning a large-pour project, you need to talk with a Semco representative in order to find out what sort of cooling system is right for you. No matter if there is only one large-pour project in your company’s near future, you still will need some sort of cooling system. You do not want to end up with concrete that is going to crack and expand.

If you’re going to be mixing a lot of cement and water, you need a cooling system.

2. Company that Requires High Quality and Durable

Some industrial companies put their concrete through a lot. Because of the weight and traffic that the concrete is going to go through, a Semco cooling system may be needed. If you own an industrial company that needs a concrete that is high quality and durable, you need a cooling system.

Without a cooling system your concrete could be of a lesser quality because of the exothermic chemical reaction. Even though you may not be pouring a large quantity, if you want a superior quality, you still need a cooling system.

Industrial companies that need high quality concrete also need a cooling system.

3. Construction Company that Pours Often

Many construction companies pour a high quantity of concrete. Maybe they do small jobs and large jobs, but if your business is built on the concrete that you offer, you want to make sure that you offer the best product around.

Construction companies that pour a lot of concrete would benefit from a Semco cooling system because they would be able to guarantee their customer’s satisfaction. If your company doesn’t use a cooling system, there may be times when the tensile strength of the concrete you pour is very low.

Construction companies that pour concrete often would benefit from a cooling system.

To put it simply, if your business deals with concrete often, needs a large amount of concrete or requires that all the concrete is of the highest quality, a concrete cooling system may be just what you need.

Getting the Best

Now that you know you need a concrete cooling system, you want to get the system that is best for your business. Semco wants every company in search of a concrete cooling system to get exactly what they need. That’s why we make custom cooling systems to fit the needs of our clients. Not only are our systems custom built, but they use dependable and industry-leading technology to ensure you have the best cooling system possible.