Cooling Concrete

Concrete cooling systems are crucial for the success of large-pour projects, helping to maintain structural integrity and uniformity in the final hardened concrete. Most concrete cooling systems contain several distinct sections that work in tandem to provide dependable, on-demand flake ice for concrete cooling. Let’s take a look at an important aspect of concrete cooling systems: the flake ice storage unit.

About the Flake Ice Storage Unit

In our past articles in the concrete cooling system we’ve looked at the chilling plant and cold water tank as well as the flake ice plant. After the flake ice is produced in the flake ice plant it travels into the flake ice storage unit where it where remains until it is needed for concrete cooling. This may seem simple, and indeed it is very straightforward; however, there are several key additional pieces of equipment that are usually associated with the flake ice storage unit.

Additional Equipment Associated with the Flake Ice Storage Unit

While different concrete cooling systems may vary and may utilize different equipment and tools in the flake ice storage unit, the typical system is likely to incorporate the following:

Air-Cooling Unit – The air-cooling unit ensures that the temperature within the flake ice storage container remains cold enough to keep the flake ice dry and crisp. Cooling capacity may vary, but usually aim to keep the container at least several degrees below freezing.

Insulated Container Walls – Flake ice storage units are usually very well insulated, often with double-walled insulation. This ensures that even on a hot day, outside warmth stays out and inside cool stays in. A well-insulated container also relieves the burden on the air-cooling unit, allowing it use less energy while still keeping the container at the desired temperature.

Ice Rake – The ice rake repositions the flake ice within the storage container, particularly when locating for discharge.

Screw Conveyor – Many flake ice storage units utilize a screw conveyor for discharging the ice. The screw conveyor is an enclosed tube with a large, rotating screw in the middle. As the screw turns the flake ice is moved.

Blowing System – Rather than a screw conveyor, some flake ice storage units utilize a blowing system to discharge the flake ice. Such systems use moving air to blow the flake ice where it is needed, without prematurely melting it.

Semco Delivers Quality Flake Ice Storage Systems

The flake ice storage unit is as important as every other aspect of a good concrete cooling system; without a reliable storage unit with reliable equipment and components the flake ice will melt, clump together, or fail to discharge, rendering it useless. Semco provides high quality, dependable flake ice storage systems and concrete cooling systems. Our systems are fully customizable, allowing our clients to get the features and equipment they need most for their large-pour projects.