It is important for concrete to have proper heating and cooling systems in place. The aggregate mixture is initially heated to combine the different parts and create the concrete itself, and then it is cooled to allow the mixture to set. However, if there is a large difference between the heated and cooler temperatures, the concrete could be subject to premature cracking. To avoid this, companies utilize aggregate cooling processes to cool down the particles before they set. Cooling by air has become a popular option. Take a look at the process and the advantages of aggregate cooling by air to see for yourself why it is an excellent choice.

What is Aggregate Cooling by Air?

The design of the air cooling system is what makes it so effective. It utilizes the silos that are already in place to complete the cooling process. Strong air nozzles are installed at the bottom of the silos, and they provide a constant air stream at the appropriate temperature to provide maximum cooling. The process is so effective at cooling the aggregate materials that moisture must be added to ensure that the concrete does not become too dry. As the cooling air moves through the silo it warms up, creating the needed moisture. Therefore, the cooling system actually performs double duty by both cooling the concrete while also providing needed moisture.

Different Advantages

Being that aggregate cooling by air works with the silos that are already being utilized, that dramatically cuts down on installation costs. Also, with the air system being multi-functional, it substantially decreases the use of extra energy, which in turn lessens production costs. These factors in themselves prove to be enough of a cause to utilize this system. However, along with the cooling system working in conjunction with the equipment that is already in place and it serving double duty, there are a few more advantages of utilizing this system.

  • No excess moisture: Since the cooling air also creates the necessary moisture, no additional moisture sources are needed. This helps to ensure that the concrete does not receive excess moisture, which could slow down or even prevent the solidifying process.
  • Mobile set-up capabilities: The cooling by air system is a mobile system, so it can be transported and applied to different silos, enhancing its usefulness within a company, as well as making transport a hassle-free affair when necessary.
  • Continuous process: The blown air naturally completes all aspects of the cooling process, providing a continuous flow with low maintenance requirements. This aspect makes air cooling energy efficient and an proficient process for companies to implement.
  • Quick installation: Unlike water cooling systems that require the installment of large machinery parts, cooling by air just requires the attachment of the air nozzles to the silos. This allows for quick installation and dismantlement when necessary. It also requires less maintenance than a standalone cooling system.


The aggregate cooling by air system has very strong characteristics. As such, it is a popular choice for cooling concrete. The use of air is not only energy efficient but is environmentally safe, making it a sustainable choice for long term use. It also lowers operating costs and limits the necessary equipment that companies must invest in and maintain. Concrete manufactures large and small can greatly benefit from these factors. Those extra funds can be reallocated to increase production, which in turn would increase profit. Simply stated, air cooling proves to be a wise investment. For these and other reasons, use of this cooling system has grown over the years and shows no signs of slowing down.

It is clear why aggregate cooling by air is a great choice for cooling concrete. It has proven to be a sustainable process with minimal added equipment, easy portability, multi-functional properties and energy efficiency. These and other advantages give those companies that utilize this system greater leverage and help to keep operation costs low. No matter the size of an organization, it can benefit from implementing an aggregate air cooling system for cooling its concrete. The air cooling system’s quick yet resourceful process is not only impressive but helpful to the continuance of the company’s operations. Semco provides comprehensive concrete cooling solutions including systems that utilize aggregate cooling by air.