At Semco we fabricated custom ice storage bins from modular designs with sloped bottom floors to the smaller mini portable ice making /storage units you need.

We offer a large variety of options for custom configuration to your exact needs.

  • Portable or permanent installation
  • Bins are available fully assembled at the factory or knocked down for assembly at the job site.
  • All panels are precut to size and caulking, trim and fasteners are included.

MIP Mini Bins are modular units that are constructed from 4” thick insulated panels installed over a heavy duty galvanized steel structural framework. Two different styles bins are available:

  • Non-Automatic Delivery (“N”) Bins: Equipped with two or more delivery doors at the bottom of the sloped floor.
  • Automatic Delivery (“A”) Bins: Equipped with a 9” diameter horizontal discharge screw with mechanical ice breaker/agitator system installed on the front vertical wall for positive ice flow.

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