Mobile unit, equipped with a 4-cylinder diesel engine for block ice. The boxed 6-inch channel steel frame is mounted on two 4,000 pound capacity Lino spring axles. Easy towing and backing is permitted by the special wheel mount, making the DCB-301 a completely self-contained mobile icing unit that can be taken anywhere the ice truck itself can go. Tow hitch can be on either end if preferred. Single or dual ice-pull chains.
  • Built extra strong. Specifically designed for heavy-duty work
  • 300 and 400 pound ice blocks
  • Up to 2,000 pounds per minute
  • Diesel engine
Leasing Options Available

DCB (Diesel Crusher Blower) and ECB (Electric Crusher Blower) Models

  • Accepts only block ice up to 300 pounds
  • Delivers up to approximately 25 tons per hour
  • Blowing distance of 70 to 80 feet. Electric units have a blowing distance of 40 to 45 feet.
  • Special X Models are available that will accept block, tube, and fragmented ice.

Our DB (Diesel Blower) and EB (Electric Blower) Models

  • Accepts only tube, fragmented, and cracked type ice.
  • Delivery rate and blowing distance are the same as the DCB and ECB Models.


Units are easily transported, option designs can be Portable, Trailer Mount, or Skid Mount, easy to operate with low maintenance.

Optional equipment can be requested and added to your quote. If your ideal optional equipment is not listed and want something made to fit your needs, please let us know and we will get to you on how we can accomplish your request. Send us an email at “Info@SemcoIce.com” or give us a call at “(956) 683-1411”.
1) Electric brakes if required for models 301

2) 5″ or 4″ Adapter 21 ft with 90D elbow and compression coupling

3) 5″ Radial flex plastic hose, price per foot
4) 4″ Radial flex plastic hose, price per foot
5) Hose adapter(36″ long for hose to blower); available for 4″ or 5″ hose
6) Hose couplings, available for 4″ or 5″ hose
7) Ice deflector swivel nozzle – Galvanized(for use with rubber or plastic hose)
8) Ice deflector swivel nozzle – Stainless
9) Ice pick drum sockets
10) Ice crusher drum picks(7/8″ / 7-3/4″)
11) Ice crusher drum picks(3/4″ / 7-3/4″)
12) Ice crusher drum picks(3/4″ / 6-1/4″)
13) Control Panel

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