The Semco DCB300X Diesel Crusher Blower is a skid mounted snow ice crusher / blower that is equipped with a 4-cylinder diesel power unit. Built extra strong, specifically designed for extra heavy work. Can withstand the sustained punishment of 300 to 400 pound ice blocks being dropped from a vertical position directly into its feeder apron. What separates the DCB300X from the DCB300 is that it can use fragmented/bagged and tube ice in addition to ice blocks.

  • Deliver up to approximately 25 tons per hour
  • Diesel units have a blowing distance of 70 to 80 feet
  • Manufactured from A-36 steel
  • Simple and efficient
  • Specializing in crushing and blowing of fragmented, tube and block ice for the following industries: fish & produce, entertainment, agricultural and concrete

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