Skid-mounted diesel crusher / blower that accepts block ice, tube ice, and fragmented / bagged ice. Our DCB (Diesel Crusher Blower) units receive full 300 pound blocks of ice and then crush and blow snow in a steady, full flow directly from 4-inch tubing, eliminating the need for ice sliders and shoveling.

  • Up to 2,000 pounds per minute
  • Handles full 300 pound ice blocks, tube ice and fragmented ice
  • Ice feed control that is regulated by hand-operated clutch
  • Completely self-contained units which can be rolled from location to location with wheels
  • Also available without wheels, for permanent skid-mounting on truck bed or dock

Blower slinger rotates 180 degrees, allowing ice to be blown from either side of each unit. One unit design ensuring perfect alignment between slinger and housing at all times. Dynamically and statically balanced for smooth, long-life operation.
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